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About Ellak Connections

About the company

Ellak Connections LLC is the result of many years of effort and dedication in the interpretation and translation area.

Ella constantly strives to offer quality service delivering a communication reliable and accurate.

She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, emigrating to the United Kingdom in 2003. Her cultural knowledge of Latin America, and her years living in the United Kingdom and the United States of America make her culturally competent to connect both cultures.

Currently based in Dallas, Texas, she has specialized in medical interpretation and translation, with mental health issues being her great passion.

It will be a pleasure to help you with your communications needs!

What We do

We offer Consecutive, Simultaneous and Sight Interpretation. Also, we can help you with the translation of documents and videos.

During consecutive interpretation, the professional interpreter transmits the message after the speaker pauses.  The time needed for a meeting with consecutive interpretation is much longer.  It is very important for the interpreter to follow the interpretation protocols in case of doubt, to takes notes while listening to both parties, and to sit between the client and the provider without blocking the eye contact between them. 

A good interpreter becomes invisible in a meeting and helps to develop a relationship between both clients.

The Simultaneous interpretation is the type of interpretation when the interpreter listens while also interprets the message into the second language. This kind of interpretation requires practice and a deep knowledge in the area that is being interpreted.  This kind of interpretation allows the natural flow of the message.

Sight translation refers to the process of reading a document or piece of writing in the original language and translating it out loud in the target language. It is an option for business or other professionals to receive or convey the meaning of certain writings on a short notice.

We offer Ad honorem interpretations and translations for those in need


Graduated as a solicitor, translator, and interpreter in Caracas, Venezuela, Ella is an experienced interpreter and translator from Spanish to English with more than twenty years of work in this field.

Recently graduated as a Medical Interpreter from the recognized academy MiTio in the USA.

During the last four years working as an employee of Garland ISD, she obtained great knowledge in the Special Education area (Mental Health) working in different roles, making her an outstanding interpreter for this type of work.